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Mrs. Anthony


Mrs. Anthony has experienced life to the fullest; loved till her heart broke and her dreams shattered. She continued to journey on for her beloved children and aging parents. Her passion for tutoring attracted students in droves, enabling her to provide for her family sufficiently. Her sense of humor kept her going.

A Woman's Love is Her Greatest Strength

Book One: My Journey, My Tony

Woman, the Creator’s gift to man—she is often perceived as beautiful, gentle, and kind.

Me? I am woman, all right, but most likely one that you would not afford a second glance. I am plain-looking, short, and always seem to have a bad hair day. However, I have been flung full force into the sea of life and challenged many times over—not fair, especially when I can’t even swim! How on earth have I kept my head above water?

I welcome you, dearest reader, to journey with me through these pages as I divulge the story and experiences that have filled my 64 years to the brim. I would be honoured if you deign to laugh and cry with me as I sail across the seas of memories. Be warned that the weather is often far from fair and the seas rather stormy. So are you ready to join me?