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Myriad of women out there have suffered due to their husbands’ weaknesses. While many have called their marriage a day and walked away, some have tried to hold on and salvage their union, hoping that their love is strong enough to bring forth a miracle. When children are at stake, they try even harder, hoping to provide the unfettered love of both parents.

I Am Woman… was painstakingly-written to relate Mrs. Anthony’s true journey and endless attempts to save her union and husband. She tried even harder because he was truly a gem of a man. It has taken her years to muster the courage and will to revisit some of the most painful moments in her life. It is only close to his 23rd year of demise that she has come to terms with all he had done and feels that now, she has his blessing to share her journey with the world.

All women are her sisters and it is in the name of this sisterhood that she brings forth her life’s journey to share. Life is not over, for she has learnt to survive. How she has survived is yet another story.